SensorSpace® Annual Subscription

SKU: P1/T1

By adding a SensorSpace plan to a Broadweigh system you can

  • Remain informed 24/7 of structural conditions – during build and whilst in use

  • Receive SMS, email, slack messaging in case of a change in conditions

  • Share data with multiple people with varying levels of detail

  • Provide history to company owners



SensorSpace® will store and analyse sensor data to provide insights into events. It will detect anomalies and predict when action is required using powerful events engines. By visualising this data, you can connect your team with dashboards so everyone is on the ball where-ever they are located.

  • Browser-based access to data collected from Broadweigh sensors anywhere, at any time.

  • Visualisation & analytics on real-time data

  •  Generate SMS messages, emails and Telegrams on condition based events


Upon online purchase, our sales team will contact you at email provided at checkout to complete setup details. 

Ethernet Gateway is leased apart of corresponding SensorSpace subscription. Hardware unit is sole property of Mantracourt Electronics and subject to damage or replacement costs outside of reasonable wear of the product. User may be given advance notification of product replacements due to hardware upgrades or changes by the manufacture.