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Please remember that Broadweigh and/or Paradigm Rigging do not give advice as to how the data from Broadweigh shackles is used. All lifting operations are different and must be supervised by suitably qualified and experienced riggers. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure conformity with local regulations.

Broadweigh is not designed to be used as part of a safety critical control system. If it is required for one then the integrator would need to fully assess its suitability.

 Why use a BroadWeigh™ wireless system?
The BroadWeigh system is one of the few wireless products on the market which incorporates a high accuracy load pin with zero trim loss design for simple, effective and accurate dynamic wireless load monitoring. The system is fast and simple to use; set up in less than 1 minute, and offers an expandable system to suit individual requirements simply by purchasing additional shackles with no need to return to the factory.
 Why choose wireless?
At the heart of BroadWeigh is a powerful wireless telemetry technology which provides high quality remote readings, often in harsh environments, to record and transmit data. Built around its own custom proprietary communications protocol, the technology provides secure and high integrity digital data transmission. With direct line of sight of up to 800 m (1/2 mile) which can be extended with the use of an active repeater.


 What kind of batteries do the Broadweigh Load Cells use?

Mantracourt Electronics recommends using Energizer® L91 Ultimate Lithium TM AA batteries.

Advantages over other batteries:

High capacity (As much as 50% more capacity than other big brand batteries). Wide temperature range.
Very long shelf life.
Leak resistant construction.

We recommend removing batteries from units when not in use for extended periods of time. Damage due to battery leakage or corrosion is not covered under warranty.


 What temperatures can the BroadWeigh load cells operate in?
The allowable operating temperature range is -20°C to +50°C.


What is the estimated battery life?

Estimated Battery life 2 X AA Duracell batteries (1 update per second)

Asleep: 5+ years

Continuous Operation: 3 Months

8h Usage Per Day: 8 Months

2h Usage Per Day: 2.5 Years.

*It is to be noted that varying settings affect battery life, such as sample rates and duration.