Our Suppliers

Behind Broadweigh is Mantracourt Electronics, a world leader in sensors, sensor systems and signal conditioning. Their experience in the lifting market has a lengthy heritage, stretching back over 25 years. Broadweigh load cell systems are designed, manufactured, tested and calibrated at their factory in Exeter, Devon in the South West of England. Their in-house approach enables them to maintain the quality of their instrumentation as well as the accuracy and reliability of every Broadweigh solution that leaves their factory.

Based in Aberdeen Scotland, Load Monitoring Systems (LMS) specializes in the design and manufacturing of load monitoring products and services, including sales and rental of load cells, winch monitoring systems and Crane Safety Instrumentation. With over 50 years’ experience in specialist load monitoring, LMS products and services are being supplied to over 45 countries and most continents.  LMS has a proven track record developing a range of products and services tailored around their customer requirements and continues to build the business and extend its offering with increased rental stock, larger capacity equipment and by providing a ‘FAST-TRACK’ repair and calibration service, specifically created to support customers where turnaround time frames are critical.