Gen3 TwistLink Load Cell Shackle

SKU: BW-S475-TL-G3

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This smart piece of kit allows a 4.75 tonne BroadWeigh load cell shackle to be connected to a 3.25 tonne or 4.75 tonne shackle without having to mess around with the pin, nut and R-clip.
It has holes at 90 degrees to minimise potential torsion loading in the load pin and to maintain accurate measurement and also conforms to the European Machinery Directive.

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  • New Generation 3 now released
  • Smart Sleep protects battery life whilst monitoring
  • Comfortable in the most challenging RF environments
  • Easy power cycle with one swipe using new magnetic fob
  • New bow with black Tufftride® brings superior tolerances, finish and durability
  • Easy to install and allows quick connection to 3.25 or 4.75 tonne shackles
  • Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent installations
  • Leaves more space in the shackle body to allow larger hook / tackle connection
  • Holes at 90 degree to minimise torsional forces
  • Low trim
  • Aerospace graded stainless steel
  • Conforms to European Machinery Directive
  • WLL of 4750 kg
  • Supplied and calibrated as one unit – also available as an accessory